bioprocesses optimized..guaranteed

Exclusive Methodology

Our methodology is the result of breakthrough research into bioprocess optimization funded through the US Department of Defense. ...

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Risk-free Offer

We offer customers two payment options. The first is a traditional upfront fee for services. Or an option that makes meaningful...

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Customer Profile

For bio-product companies, we deliver advanced technology to optimize today's advanced bioprocesses.

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21st Century Optimization Technology

BioXcelerator's services span the diverse universe of bioprocess industries. To see what our technology can do for your bioprocess, please take a few moments to watch a presentation of the BioXcelerator Technology Advantage.

Contact us to see how we could help you improve margins, increase yield, or produce your products with less waste stream management. You may be interested in our follow-on video examining four Case Studies illustrating application of our technology over a very diverse set of bioprocess applications.